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Is this the season to take an underdog to win the English Premier League?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: November 22, 2020

If you have watched the first quarter of the 2020-2021 English Premier League season, you will know that this crazy 2020 year continues to wreak havoc on everything associated with it.

Maybe the matrix is broken, or Doc Brown did something to the space-time continuum: whatever it is, this year keeps getting weirder.

That has now extended to the Premier League, which is currently being played in Hawkins, Indiana, or at least in the Upside Down.

There is a team from Liverpool rolling right now, but it is the blue part of Merseyside, and not the banged up defending champions. There is a London team that might be the sly favorites (although not yet with the US bookies), but it is a serial bottling side from North London that plays in white and blue, and not the other bottling side from North London that plays in red.

And of course, there are the teams with the club legends looking to make a run at a title.

Right now, though, the sports books still have Liverpool (+175) and Manchester City (+185) as the top two teams, although that might not be for long. Both have issues: City looks like a shell of the team that won 198 points in back-to-back seasons in 2017-18 and 18-19, and Liverpool is ravaged by injuries.

Should you start looking for one of the value teams to put your money on, before the odds drop?

There will not be a team running away with the title this season, with a points total in the high 90s. This is going to be a slop-fest, with teams battling throughout the winter and early spring, dropping points along the way. There are going to be twists and turns, and it could be the year for one of the other teams to win it.

Tottenham, at (+700), will see its odds continue to drop if Jose Mourinho can continue to get them to play tough. He is usually very good in his second season with a club, before it all goes off the rails in the third season. This team is live; if you are going to bet the Spurs, get them before their odds drop even more from the beginning of the season (+2500), to last month (+1600), to now.

Chelsea (+650) and Manchester United (+2000) could be worth a throw of the dice as well, if both can continue to work out the various issues they have. Either could strengthen in January as well.

Could it be worth a shot taking Leicester City (+2500) or Everton (+10000)? 

Here is the thing: if you really believe in a team, get them at the odds now, because it is going to change quickly over the next month, when the teams will have half their seasons completed by the first week of January.