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How to Wager On Draw No Bet in hockey and NHL?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 4, 2019

You are signed into the sports at BetAmerica. The Washington Capitals are playing the Philadelphia Flyers today. You are scrolling through the more than 100 betting markets available on the game and you come across this wager: Draw No Bet (excluding overtime). With this bet, you are offered odds of +160 on the Flyers and -215 on the Capitals.

What does this mean? Allow us to explain.

The draw no bet option means that if after 60 minutes of play – the reason why the sportsbook notes that the wager excludes overtime – the score is tied, then your bet is off and your stake is refunded.
That’s the beauty of this bet. There’s only one of three potential outcomes that will cost you money. You win on one and break even on the other.

Let’s say you opt to place a wager on the Capitals at -215. If Washington is winning the game after 60 minutes of play, you cash in a winner as well. If the score is tied and the game is headed to overtime, your stake will be refunded by the sportsbook, so you’ve got the same bankroll you had before you place the bet. It’s only if the Flyers are winning after 60 minutes that you will lose your bet and kiss your money goodbye.

For those who like to bet, but don’t feel comfortable taking significant risks, this is a spectacular option for you, because it’s a much safer play that a normal three-way moneyline wager where you can only win with the option you play and you will lose your money if either the two other results end up being the outcome.

In a sense, it is kind of like you are buying insurance on your wager. In a close game, it protects against a late power-play goal, or perhaps an unlucky bounce that leads to a tying marker.

Make this wager at BetAmerica and you can also take advantage of one of the many $25 cash bonus free plays they offer on a variety of NHL bets, or their 100 percent initial deposit bonus worth up to $500.