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How to read boxing betting odds and moneyline bets?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 4, 2019

Here we will try to explain the basics about boxing betting odds and bet types you can find online. Before you bet on boxing and MMA fight understand what odds mean and how to read moneylines set by PointsBet, BetAmerica and other gambling apps.

How to read boxing odds -400 and +300 and Moneyline Bets

When you scroll down the online bookmaker of endless boxing odds you will see two fighters names with numbers attached. For example, the moneyline will read Marvin Hagler vs Sugar Ray Leonard Marvin Hagler -400 Sugar Ray Leonard +300.

In this example, a -400 boxing odds mean that this bet on the favorite Hagler to win would mean that a $400 bet would pay out $100 on top of your initial $400 bet for $500 total. A $100 bet on the underdog Leonard at +300 would payout $300 on top of your initial $100 bet for $400 total.

Total Rounds Bets and boxing odds +160 and -185 explained

One of the most popular online betting options in boxing is the TOTAL ROUNDS proposition bet otherwise known as the OVER/UNDER. Here is an example of what the TOTAL ROUNDS looks like on the betting board.

Jarrell Miller vs. Anthony Joshua Over 9.5 (+160) Under 9.5 (-185) The TOTAL ROUNDS prop in this example means that the OVER 9.5 indicates the bout will go OVER 1:30 into the 9th round.

The UNDER indicates that the bout will last less than 1:30 into the 9th round. The +160 and -185 moneyline attached to the TOTAL follows the same principles as the aforementioned moneyline.

For example, if the fight were to last OVER 9.5 at +160 a $100 wager would payout $160. The UNDER in this example at – 185 means that a $185 bet on the favorite would payout $100.

How to read boxing betting odds online and where?

The best way to read boxing betting odds online in the USA is through the lines ticker odds comparison website

  1. When you go to OddsShark’s home page click on the top of the page on the ODDS tab.
  2. Once you have clicked the ODDS tab scroll down the list of sports links until you see MORE SPORTS at the bottom of the page.
  3. Hover over the MORE SPORTS tab and you will see a link for BOXING at the very top right.
  4. Click on BOXING and you will see a list of boxing odds on every fight scheduled from 8 different sportsbooks. Six of the sportsbooks are online and the other two are Las Vegas books Caesars and Westgate.