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How to read betting lines in soccer? Explain the basics.

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 13, 2019

When you bet the money line on any soccer game, there can be three outcomes, also known as 1 x 2. The home team (1) can win, the away team (2) can win, or the match can end in a draw (x).

In regular season contests, such as the English Premier League, all matches are determined in the standard 90 minutes of play, plus any time added on for injuries and substitutions.

If you think the home team will win the match outright, you bet on 1. If you think the away team will win the game, you bet on 2. If A draw would be when the two teams have the same score when the final whistle is blown., and you would bet the x for that outcome.

An example from he 2018-19 English Premier League season of the 1×2 betting would have been the match March 17 with Everton at home (1) at odds of +140, the draw (x) at odds of +225), and Chelsea away (2) at odds of -105. Everton won the match 2-0, so if you bet on the 1 for $100, you would have won your $100 back plus $140, for a return of $240.

Asian Handicap is a type of wagering that effectively gives the underdog an advantage. Used in soccer, Asian Handicap removes the “draw” option for bettors and provides an edge to the underdog.

In typical soccer betting, you need to select either team to win the game outright or the draw. That gives you three options. Asian Handicap gives a bettor a choice between just the two teams but the favorite needs to win by a certain margin to be considered a winning bet.