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How to properly bet a boxing match, what statistics to know?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 4, 2019

The most important thing one should know when betting boxing are the participants, bet types and rules of the bout. The participants of a boxing match are obvious but more importantly are the fighters ranking and skill level. The rankings of boxers vary wildly based on the sanctioning organization. The rankings of organizations such as the W.B.C., I.B.F. W.B.O. and I.B.F. are completely bogus and should be disregarded altogether. The boxing rankings of Ring.TV, ESPN, and FightNews, however, are accurate and unbiased.

The best way to properly bet a boxing match is by selecting the post possible wager for a given bout. For instance, when Floyd Mayweather fought Conor McGregor the moneyline on Mayweather was -900. This meant that a $900 bet on Floyd to win the fight straight up paid out $100 which provided little value for the gambler betting a 40-year old Mayweather against an unknown talent like McGregor. A bet on Mayweather to win the contest via knockout, however, was listed at a modest -145. Mayweather backers found far more value betting the former pound-4-pound champion at -145 to win by knockout rather than laying the heavy -900 odds.

While there is slim to none information available in the form of boxing betting books many websites provide a bevy of information. The aforementioned RingTV, ESPN, FightNews are all great sources of information. RingTV is the top source for boxing rankings and the Ring Magazine publication produces high-quality articles for $10 a monthly issue. ESPN has high-quality content but their boxing coverage takes a back seat to other major sports. FightNews is the best online website for betting purposes because of their fight day photos. Photos of two fighters at the weigh-in provide insight as to the fighters comparative size and conditioning. Fight News also provides a wealth of boxing news formation on fights from all over the world. If two guys were fighting in a phone booth in Bangladesh, FightNews would provide a story. Other valuable websites for boxing information are BoxingScene, Bad Left Hook and Boxing24.