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How to make money by gambling on esports?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: April 19, 2019

Just like traditional sports, the best way of making money on esports betting is having in-depth knowledge of the games and leagues you are betting on. If you are an active follower of games such as League of Legends and Overwatch then you have a real chance of making money betting on games.

It’s very tough to make money on esports scenes you aren’t familiar with because there are no large tipsters to fall back on when you venture into unknown territory. We recommend building up your knowledge of the teams and games you want to bet on before taking the plunge into the world of esports gambling.

The most straight-forward bets are of course predicting the winner of a match but there are also more unique bets for games such as League of Legends where bets can be made on which teams get first blood or the number of kills in a game.

Accumulators betting in esports

Accumulators are also available from many sportsbooks which offer another unique way of making money. Overall, the same principles that apply to traditional sports betting also apply to esports betting.

Avoid risky bets and only bet on esports and leagues you have in-depth knowledge of. A measured hand and good judgment go a long way in betting on esports, you can make money if you use your existing knowledge to your advantage and by learning from your mistakes. Statistic sites exist which can aid you such as which contains detailed team and player statistics for professional League of Legends.