How to live bet on College Basketball games: strategies, best legal bookmaker

It’s all about runs.

Basketball is a game of runs. That may be even more the case in college basketball than NBA. Teams for example will go on a 10-0 run where they can’t miss a shot and their opponent can’t buy a bucket. When live betting, keep in mind these runs inevitably should come to an end. If you notice a team is on a scorching hot run and the line expands, a good strategy may be to take the opposing team’s line as they’re likely to go on a run of their own sooner or later.

Hedge your bets

If you made a bet on a matchup before the game and you notice things are going your way, you can live bet and hedge your pregame bets. A good example is if you placed a bet before the game for an underdog to beat Duke, and that underdog gets off to a 15-0 lead early, you can hedge to secure profit and protect against total loss. It doesn’t always pay off, but it certainly can.

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