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How to bet on Overtime in NHL? Do’s and Dont’s

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 4, 2019

Several sportsbooks offer 60-minute wagering on NHL games, so you can eliminate the possibility of overtime or a shootout impacting upon your wager. By playing a bet on regulation time and eliminating overtime, you can also partake in three-way wagering that includes the 60-minute draw option.

You will find several other wagers at the various sportsbooks that either exclude or include overtime, so you can play your bet precisely as you choose. For instance, BetAmerica offers total, both teams to score, draw no bet, puck line handicap, number of goals, number of team goals and a fifth goal wager that all exclude any version of the overtime session.
On the other hand, BetAmerica also offers a specific overtime wager, which is a straight yes or no bet on whether overtime will be required to determine the outcome of the game.

At PointsBet, the sportsbook offers almost all of its game wagering on the entire game, including overtime and shootout sessions, if necessary. PointsBet does offer a three-way 60-minute moneyline wager option if you want to eliminate overtime, and the sportsbook also has a shootout specific market that is a yes or no wager on whether you think the game will be decided by a shootout.
The sportsbook at 888 Sport offers two specific moneylines on every NHL game – one that ends at the conclusion of 60 minutes of regulation time and includes a draw wager option – and a second moneyline that takes into account the overtime and shootout and offers only straight up moneyline odds on each team involved in the contest. They also offer a draw no bet wager that excludes overtime.

As well, 888 Sport has total goals, handicap, three-way handicap, correct score, both teams to score and total goals by the home team and by the away team markets that all remove the overtime period and shootout from the wager. There are also first goal, last goal and anytime goal scorecast and wincast betting options that do not include the overtime or shootout.
Before placing any wager on an NHL game, remember to verify whether the bet includes or excludes overtime.