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How much do I win if I bet 100 USD on a boxing match?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 4, 2019

A one hundred dollar wager is usually a standard for rookie bettors and accordingly can be easily calculated using boxing betting moneyline odds. Depending on how much you bet and what type of odds you wager determines how much you are paid out by an online sportsbook or local Casino. Currently, there are seven other states taking bets in person other than Nevada: New Jersey, Delaware, Mississippi, West Virginia, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. If you were to find boxing odds at an online website like a Bovada.LV between Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor the moneyline was listed with Mayweather at -900 moneyline and McGregor +600. This means that a -900 bet on the favorite Mayweather to win the would pay out $100 on top of your $900 wager for a $1000 payment. On the flipside a $100 bet on the underdog McGregor at +600 moneyline pays $600 on top of your initial $100 risked wager for a total $700 payment. The same principle to this $100 bet applies for all other bets such as: total rounds propositions, round prop wagers, and method of victory props. For example, if the total rounds prop is at 9.5 rounds there will also be a moneyline attached such as Over -300 Under +220. Method of victory props are available as such: Win via KO, Win Via Decision or Draw. For instance, when Floyd Mayweather fought Conor McGregor the odds on Mayweather to win via KO on the method

of victory props was listed at – 165. This means that if Mayweather were to win by KO (which he did) that a $165 bet on Mayweather to win by KO would pay out $100 on top of your $165 wager for a total $265 payout. The Draw wager is also available in the method of victory prop bets and they hold the same principle. A draw wager generally ranges from the +1200 to +3500 moneyline range which could potentially generate a huge payout for the gambler. This means that if you were to bet $100 at +3500 odds on about to end in a Draw the payout would be $3500 on top of your $100 wager for a $3600 total payout.