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How does To Win Most Periods work in NHL betting?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: October 11, 2023

Another period betting option that you will find at online sportsbooks such as the BetMGM is a market offering wagering on which team will win the most periods during an NHL game.

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There’s a game on tap between the Columbus Blue Jackets and Vancouver Canucks. You are scrolling through betting apps and arrive at the Team To Win Most Periods option. Columbus is listed at -107 to win this wager, while you will get odds of +205 if you choose to put your money on the Canucks. The draw option is valued at odds of +255.

What this means is that the Blue Jackets are the favorites to win the most periods in the game, while the home team, the Canucks, are actually the underdogs on this wager. The longshot on the board is that they tie in the number of periods won.

To collect on a Columbus bet, the Blue Jackets will be required to win at least two of the three periods. So if Columbus outscores Vancouver in the first period, say 2-0 and does it again in the third period, let’s say by a 2-1 count, they’ve done enough for you to win your bet.

If you choose to make a play on the Canucks instead, they will also need to outscore the Blue Jackets in two of the three frames.
The draw offers the best odds in this market because it is the wager that requires the most variety in outcomes for you to cash in as a winner. On this best, each team must win one period and the other period would need to finish in a tie.

Every morsel of information helps when playing these types of specialized wagers. You can utilize sites such as to quickly decipher how well teams do in each period. Just go to the team’s page and then click on the situational icon.
If you were to check out the Blue Jackets this way, you’d discover that they’ve been outscored in the first and third periods during the season. But you’d also learn that in road games like this one, they’ve won the battle in the first period, lost it in the third period and been dead even on the scoresheet during second-period play.