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How does Premier League handicap betting work?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 7, 2019

Premier League handicap, or goal line betting (a forecast of the number of goals by which a stronger team is expected to defeat a weaker one), allows the bettor to get better odds on the favored team in any match. Because the teams at the top of the Premier League (Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, etc.) often win the vast majority of their matches, the money line betting odds are usually very high. The goal line, or handicap betting, basically makes the odds much close to even.

A prime example would be from February 2019, when Arsenal played Bournemouth at home. If you wanted to bet Arsenal to win the match on the money line, you would have had to put up $250 (or euros, pounds) to win $100 on the match at -250 odds. However, if yo thought Arsenal was a clear favorite to win in dominant fashion, you could have taken Arsenal at -1 odds (Arsenal has to win by two or more clear goals) at much better odds of +105. Arsenal -2 (Arsenal has to win by three or more clear goals) in that match paid +250, a return of $350 on a $100 bet. Not bad!

Whenever you think the underdog will win the match outright, it is better to go with the money line. But in that match referenced above, if you thought Bournemouth would keep it close, you could have got +195 odds on for +1 (Bournemouth has to draw or win). If you were really confident, a bet on Bournemouth -1 ( Bournemouth to win by two or more clear goals) would have paid +1400 odds, good for a $1500 return on a $100 bet.