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Where to Bet on Relegation (Promotion) Odds in USA?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 17, 2019

Before the start of the season, and even into the season you can place a wager on which teams from the English Premier League will be relegated, and which teams will be promoted into the EPL.

There are also betting odds on most of the lower leagues as well as to which teams will get relegated ad promoted. Check some of the best US betting apps (if sports betting is allowed in your state) to see whether they offer relegation betting markets.

Relegation betting odds, of course, will vary team to team and league to league. They will also vary from sportsbook to sportsbook.

So before you place a wager on a team to be relegated or promoted check to see which site will give you the best odds.

US Betting Sites Offering relegation odds

  • William Hill USA
  • Bet365 USA
  • Unibet USA
  • betMGM Sports

For example as of late March, with just six games left in the Premier League, odds on Cardiff being relegated were 1-3 on bet365, 2-5 on William Hill New Jersey and 4-11 on Skybet.

Brunley’s odds showed even a greater range. had the odds at 11/4, while had the odds at 9/4 and most every other site listed Brunley at 5-2.