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How does betting on overtime in NBA basketball work?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 10, 2019

Some NBA basketball games are tied after regulation, necessitating one (or more) five-minute overtime period(s) until one team wins.

Bettors who have made full-game or second-half wagers still have live bets that are not settled until the conclusion of the overtime period(s).

The cumulative score for full-game, second-half, or in-play wagers includes the points that are scored in overtime for both the point spread and betting total, including variations of bets such as team totals or fourth-quarter wagering.

Some sportsbooks will offer live in-play wagering at the start and into the first few minutes of an overtime period.

Books may offer a new point spread based on the current (tied) score and game situation.

Further betting may be offered during the extra period(s) but just like near the end of the game, wagering may be discontinued during the last few minutes, depending on the status of the contest.

Statistics accrued in overtime count in determining final settlements in both team and individual player props, as well.