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How do you handicap the NFL? Make selections!

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 7, 2019

A There is no sure-fire, fool-proof way to handicap (or select winners) in the NFL. If there were it wouldn’t be called gambling. There are several ways bettors go about making their selections. As stated earlier match-ups are important, as is home-field advantage, especially for certain teams. Some bettors like it when a warm-weather team such as the Miami Dolphins or Tampa Bay Buccaneers, or a team who plays in a dome, such as the Atlanta Falcons or the Detroit Lions, has to travel to a cold-weather venue such as Green Bay or Buffalo to face the Packers or the Bills.

Those warm weather teams tend to not do as well when the temperature is not to their liking, thus a bet on the home team is often a good one. Another betting trend that is popular is when a West Coast team such as the Los Angeles Rams, or Los Angeles Chargers or San Francisco 49ers have to travel across two time zones to play a team on the East Coast such as the New York Giants or Philadelphia Eagles. The bettors like the home team even more when that game has a 1 p.m. start, because to the West Coast team it’s still 10 a.m. in their minds.