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How do you find out who is playing in NBA Summer League lineups for betting purposes?

One of the best ways to find out who is starting and playing in NBA Summer League games is to follow team and league beat writers on the scene, usually via Twitter.

Also, specific accounts of the participating teams will offer information regarding Summer League participation.

Because of the recent advance in popularity of NBA Summer League wagering, media and betting experts have increased the exposure of pregame coverage involving lineups and personnel in NBA Summer League games.

Often, bettors can access the starting lineups just prior to the start of the game.

While NBA teams have been criticized for the late release of starting lineup and rested player information during the regular season, the nature of the NBA Summer League sometimes results in teams setting starting lineups just minutes prior to tip-off.

Because of the nature of the small betting market and limited league information, sportsbooks will place much smaller limits on NBA Summer League games.

Still, specialists in this niche can often earn substantial profits by closely following teams and games.

Some experts of NBA Summer League betting will attend league sessions, gaining valuable insight and up-to-the-minute lineup information.

Many games are shown in their entirety on NBATV, offering even more insight and opportunity to follow the Summer League.