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How do you cheat online casino slot machines?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 7, 2019

Since slot machines have been around, there have been cheats who try and get a march on the casino. Even with the advent of online video slots, cheats have attempted to hack, reprogram, and steal cash from games.

Rogue or scam casinos have the sole intention of ripping off customers with pirate slots. Large slot developers aren’t immune to pirated software. Scandinavian slot giant NetEnt have been the victims of piracy in the past. Rogue casinos hack into the original games and steal the template. The bonus features and payouts may be similar but the graphics will have changed. But these are rigged versions of popular slots that have bogus RNGs (Random Number Generators) installed.

In pirated slots, the effective house edge is much higher than on legit slots. You will find a good list of rogue casinos online.
At legalized casinos, slots have undergone rigorous tests to ensure total fairness. Slot providers must also carry gaming licenses from the same jurisdictions that regulate the casinos themselves. By acquiring a license, the slot provider has proved that its games are random and reliable.

It’s not just the online world which faces these issues of course. Land-based casinos can also suffer the same fate.
In 2011 a group of four gamblers pulled off one of the cleverest scams in casino history in Cannes. Through clever use of marked cards using invisible ink and special contact lenses to read them, they walked away $84,000. However, greed got the better of them, and a return visit piqued the interest of the casino staff, who soon found them out due to the strange winning patterns.

In March 2018, four Bulgarians also pulled off a brick and mortar scam, this time on slot machines. Using a sophisticated scheme where remote access to the machines was gained, they made off with large amounts of cash. They were arrested after hacking the machines at yet another casino and will face a length sentence for their trouble.