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How do you build an NBA betting model?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 10, 2019

The most effective way to build NBA betting models is to use software designed to allow for data input from critical betting categories that backchecks trends and patterns among NBA teams’ results.

NBA betting metrics

Using important betting metrics, such as scoring averages, spread records, home/away, favorite/underdog designations, and a variety of other categories, programs can reveal potential point-spread, money line or betting total patterns that may show a history of short-, medium-, or long-term profit success.

In most cases, the model results are based on one-game or one-unit unless a deviant of a standard (-110) pick’em line is involved.

Models can be run with a wide variety of factors but gamblers should stick to some of the key metrics mentioned with possibly a few others.

Sometimes, results can be swayed be including less-random occurrences such as including just selected (or multiple) days of the week, playing against above/sub-.500 teams, or playing against a specific division or conference.

All of those metrics can be useful but the model’s author should be aware not to specifically design models that adhere to their desired results.