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How do you bet on the total number of sixes in cricket?

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: April 19, 2019

In cricket, a six is when the ball is hit by a batsman and crosses the boundary in the air.

Sixes are most common in the shorter versions of the game – particularly T20 (20 overs per side) and 50-over matches.
Bookmakers can offer a variety of markets on the number of sixes hit in a game, with options available for teams and individuals.
When placing a bet on these markets you would be advised to consider the format in which the game is taking place.

First-class cricket, for instance, is much more conservative, with batsmen taking considerably fewer risks such as hitting the ball in the air and not looking to score particularly quickly.

You would not expect to see a large number of sixes in a Test match innings.

In the limited-overs forms of the game – T20 and 50-over (ODIs in international cricket) – players are much more expansive in their approach.

In T20 cricket, six-hitting is at its most prolific. In the IPL – the premier tournament in the format – teams averaged more than 12 sixes per innings in 2018. It would be a surprise to see more than a quarter of that number in the average Test match innings.

One further point to take into account is which team wins the toss. It would be wise to wait to find out which side is batting first before making your selection on the player who will hit the most sixes in any given game.

The toss takes place roughly 30 minutes before the game begins and, although the prices in some markets will change as a result, it will allow you to make a much more informed decision.