How do you bet on American politics? Here is our betting guide!

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How do you bet on American politics? Here is our betting guide!

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: June 3, 2019

America has an obsession with gambling. Over the years the billion-dollar industry has been considered one the country’s favorite pastimes as reflected by measured revenue.

Collected data last in 2016 by H2 Gambling Capital reflected that America spent $116.9 billion on gambling in all areas including state lotteries, online gaming sites and brick-and-mortar casinos.

In 2017, The Economist reported that online gaming is the industry’s fastest-growing sector.  

After reflecting on gambling profits posted in 2016 around the globe they accounted that it amassed 11% of the $385 billion of gambling profits posted. And, the numbers just continue to grow and grow in the new year around the world.

The thrill of the win is enormously felt from coast to coast, especially when it comes to politics. With the current tone of the battle between Democrats and Republicans thrown in with strong waves by independent candidates the polls bounce around and never stop the racing heartbeat of the dedicated bettor.  The biggest topics being Trump re-election odds and Trump re-election odds. In fact, the political betting market is a hot topic that never stops buzzing with who will be the next US President.

Interestingly enough the continental divide in the modern era is strongly pulled by religion. But, being religious certainly has never stopped betting on who the next leader will be in a pool of candidates.

In a fascinating paper titled “The History of Gambling” by Heather Vacek of the center of Christian Ethics at Baylor University she stated: “In the early twentieth century the conservative evangelist Billy Sunday (1862-1935) preached against the evils of gambling and liberal Social Gospel founder Walter Rauschenbusch (1861-1918) called it the ‘vice of the savage.’ Yet, as the authors of one of the volumes reviewed here note, modern ‘theologians do not debate the morality of gambling the way they do the morality of abortion or euthanasia.’ Evangelicals and born-again Christians today are less likely to find gambling morally acceptable (twenty-seven percent and forty-five percent respectively), but gambling has failed to rally Christian concern in the same ways as other contemporary social issues.“

It comes down to a loud notion that everyone gambles in America, even hardcore Christian Republicans who do not seem to consider a conflict in their moral beliefs of being against so-called greed. There is irony in the fact, but statistics do not lie.

Of course, most of this in the past was done illegally. Up until this March 2019 there has been a strong interest in what is called “entertainment betting.” Political betting interest has risen to unprecedented levels due to the turmoil in the country over the last few years with the Trump presidency. The 2020 US Presidential election odds created a tremendous stamina for new betting desires.

In the United States up until recently it was illegal under most state laws and federally to bet on political outcomes.

Entities standing in the way of wagering any real money on political hopefuls included The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA); the Federal Wire Act; and, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act as prohibited in all states both online and off-line except Delaware, Montana, Nevada, and Oregon.

But, just as of May 2018 things have changed due to the U.S. Supreme Court shut down PASPA. It was determined that on a federal level restricting legalized sports betting was unconstitutional.

Flat out now legalization of betting on political frontrunners is determined at state level. Across America it is up to each borderline to determine whether or not to allow sports betting, including political outcomes. The political prediction market is now open for business. What started out with smaller interest during the 2016 election betting odds and 2018 election betting odds is now big business for 2020 with a non-stop Trump re-election campaign tramping out in the press.

Now when it comes down on how to bet, no matter your religion or party pick, there are two ways viewed as to how to bet with online sporting books and prediction markets.

In general, the excitement of it still may not lead to many sportsbooks will not have a terrible amount of offerings of betting lines until things really heat up in the primaries. Best be assured that whenever the President finds himself in the news with a huge headline there are chances for wagers to be bet. With Donald Trump making more waves than any President in recent history the statistics are higher than what they may be normally.

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Yes or No Predictions

The ways to bet breakdown first to prediction markets. Simple “yes” versus “no” answers can be the easiest thing for new bettors to evaluate. Just like a stock market evaluation, the amount to bet depends on supply and demand for the price. If you predict a proper outcome will pay 100 cents on the dollar. And if it does not happen it pays zero flat out. People are betting here on what they truly believe will be a moment in history books such as will Donald Trump be re-elected as President of the United States in 2020. Even smaller predictions are still worthy of a “yes” or “no” wager such as will Joe Biden secure the Democratic ticket nomination for the upcoming election.

Secondly, the other way to bet is online betting with sportsbooks. Political props will be similar to sports props. Odds to win in this type of betting line will allow more options on the table. Different kinds of candidate bets can be more exciting to compare, but do complicate hitting the jackpot with a bigger array of candidate choices.

Odds in sportsbooks to consider betting on include such hot topics as: odds to in the popular vote, odds on which party will win the 2020 Presidential Election, odds on the gender of the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election and odds to win the popular vote. But once again keep in mind most of these betting opportunities will not happen in sportsbooks until about approximately two months before the actual election.

Regardless of placing wagers on prediction markets or on odds it will sure to be a heated topic and discussion. Co-workers and spouses can get in on the action with you, but it can get dirty. In the rules of American politics there is one thing that most Americans can agree upon despite the great political divide. Remember that it is just a game to bet and try not to get into a heated debate about candidates at the holiday dinner table with family nor the cocktail party your boss is throwing. It can be fun to start a political conversation as long as you realize you have a 50% chance of winning at the polls and with friends.

And, if Trump does win again expect bets on what will be included in what is sure to be known as another over-glorified Trump re-election speech.