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How to bet on a live cricket match? In-Play betting options.

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: April 19, 2019

So you want some in-play action? Okay then, here’s how you go about setting yourself up.
First of all, choose from the bookmakers online who offer in-play action – the vast majority of reputable outlets will provide this service.
Make your deposit then pick the market you want to play. You would do well to make sure that you are able to watch the match in progress as you bet, to give yourself as accurate as a possible reading of the action. Make sure you have also done your research on the players involved, their form, the weather and pitch conditions, and any other variable which could influence proceedings.

There will be dozens of opportunities to have a flutter at any given time in a game, with odds provided on everything from the overall match outcome to the number of runs scored off the next delivery.

Remember, markets will shift quickly and you will have to make fast decisions, reacting to what is taking place in the game in real time.
If you are using spread-betting sites, such as Sporting Index, you can buy or sell spreads on markets such as overall score, size of current partnership or total runs in a session. Spread betting gives the punter the chance to predict that the overall figure (for example, runs in the session) will be higher or lower than a set bracket (for example, 100-104 runs). You bet a set amount “per point”, either above (buy) or below (sell). If you correctly predict that there will be fewer than 100 runs in the session and place $10 per point, with the session producing just 90, you will earn $100 in profit (10 x $10).

But the live markets are not limited only to spreads.

There are plenty of fixed-odds opportunities. Below is just a small selection of the most popular.

Runs: This can be off the next ball (generally a pot luck scenario), the over, a set number of overs, a session or the day.
Wickets: Again, divided into periods of time – ball, over, a number of overs, session or day.
Next out: You can bet on the identity of the player to be dismissed next, his mode of dismissal and the next bowler to take a wicket at any given time.

Think about the format of the game in question before you make your selection. A Test match, for example, is always likely to see substantially fewer runs and wickets in a 25-over period than a one-day international.

One final in-play option to consider is the cash-out function, available at many of the bigger outlets, with Bet365 being the market leader. Here, bettors will be offered a certain amount of profit for a bet which is winning in-play when there is still time remaining in the game, as defined by an algorithm. While this could potentially see you miss out on profit should your bet hold up, for those of a nervous disposition, or those who are concerned their bet is in a fragile position, the facility can offer a get-out-of-jail card.
As ever, only bet what you can afford and don’t get carried away.