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How do I find NBA lineup information for previous and upcoming games?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 10, 2019

For statistical research, you may want to include checking the boxscores of previous games to determine a given team’s current form and personnel rotation.

You can find NBA box scores at most major sports news organizations’ websites and also at most popular sports betting information sites.

Another piece of advice regarding NBA lineups is making sure you are following lineup information for the upcoming game you are considering a bet on.

Many team release starting lineup information very late in the NBA betting cycle, although the league is moving to make a more standard practice of releasing pre-game lineup information.

The key for a lot of successful NBA bettors is determining lineup depths in a given game.

While all of a teams’ starters may be playing, a team may be short-handed or missing key bench personnel that could actually be overlooked by the general public that doesn’t reflect in the betting line.

A good source of team information can be found by following team and league beat writers on Twitter.

While much news about top personnel is usually readily available, finding information about the supporting cast takes a little more research and effort.

Following NBA Daily Fantasy news sites can also be a great source for late-breaking lineup information.