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How can I make money betting on NBA basketball?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: May 10, 2019

To make money betting on NBA basketball, a bettor simply needs to achieve a winning percentage slightly higher than the break-even point in covering costs set by the bookmakers in order to facilitate the bets.

In general, the NBA bettor needs to win at a percentage of close to 52.4 percent or higher to beat the vigorish (surcharge) set by bookmakers in a given market. This percentage adjusts when bets are placed at odds other than -110, which is considered the industry standard for point-spread, totals or two-way proposition offering.

A winning basketball bettor should consider many factors before placing any wager.

Information regarding personnel, injuries, rotations, statistical averages, win-loss records (both home and away, as favorite/underdog), point-spread records (both home and away, as favorite/underdog), OVER/UNDER records (both home and away), series history (at both locales), situational trends (both home and away, as favorite/underdog), line movement, and personal observation bias are the major factors in trying to formulate a winning NBA wager.

Other profitable NBA betting techniques may also consider hedging or middling opportunities that may arise at halftime or during live in-play wagering.

Setting up “middle” opportunities allow for bettors to realize expectations of close to 200 percent while often risking close to just five percent of a combined stake when betting on opposite sides of an end result.

Playing the “middle” will lower the margin of profitability in the short-term, but professional bettors consider this a long-term profitable risk due to the high probability of the likely result falling in a point-window that is expected to occur.

Professional bettors who sense this opportunity will often watch the game live on television and/or review statistics and foul information to determine if the opportunity is profitable or if the game is already one-sided enough to not consider a turnaround for the winning/losing team or a surge/decrease in total point output.

You can also make money on NBA basketball by successfully wagering on player, team or game propositions, as well as, futures markets. You can also make money betting into NBA fantasy games and pools where games are scored by combining a players’ statistical output against a field of other bettors who each selected a roster based on a designed salary cap.