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How and where to create an esport league?

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: April 19, 2019

Anybody can create a league in theory. Esports has always been a grassroots movement. Before the days of online play, enthusiastic players used to organize LANs with small prize pools in an effort to bring people together in a social and competitive setting. With online play, setting up a tournament or league is even easier than it used to be. Finding willing players is often no issue because of the huge communities that some games have, if you can find a small sponsor to get a small prize pool then people will come in waves to play in your online tournament if you advertise it on community forums.

How to create a small League of Legends weekly league?

Say, for example, you want to create a small League of Legends weekly league. You’ll probably want to limit it to a certain ELO, depending on what caliber of players you are looking for. The very best players aren’t going to come to play in a tournament with a small prize-pool and with a rookie organizer. So you’ll have to start small, taking only low-Diamond players rather than the best of the best. You secure a small prize pool for your league, either out of pocket or through a sponsor. Advertise your tournament on a community form such as the official League of Legends forums or the League of Legends subreddit on Reddit and full teams or free agents will apply. From there, it’s just a matter of scheduling the games and proper organization.

This method can work for almost any game or community. Smaller games that don’t have as many players and as a result don’t have major esports organizers involved are often crying out for someone to bring some tournaments to their communities. Once you have a reputation and a network, it’s not implausible that you can start to organize major tournaments with bigger prize pools and top players. This is how all successful tournament organizers started out and anyone aspiring organizer can do it, in theory.