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How 11 Seeds do in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament comprises 64 teams, with each quarter of the bracket seeded from 1 to 16. The tournament is known for its unpredictable outcomes, with early-round upsets sometimes as memorable as the champions.

NCAA Tournament 11 seeds enter the March Madness bracket as afterthoughts. While they have a fighting chance to escape the first round, not many anticipate a deep Tournament run.

Historically, NCAA Tournament 11 seeds have not fared well. No 11 seed has ever won, and only five have made it as far as the Final Four.

  • LSU (1986)
  • Georga Mason (2006)
  • VCU (2011)
  • Chicago Loyola (2018)
  • UCLA (2021)

None of the teams above managed to advance to the National Title Game.

While the overall stats are somewhat bleak, 11 seeds have fared better over the last decade. A deep run this year is not out of the question.

In the opening round, 11 seeds have won 54 games against 6 seeds since 1985. They’re 26-22 against 6 seeds in the past 11 years.

Teams that earn 11 seeds are considered underdogs in the tournament, with their odds of winning a game or making a run not being favorable. Nonetheless, recent history tells us that at least one 11 seed – if not two or more – is likely to cause some upsets and ruin brackets.

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