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Fargo Online Sports Betting and Locations Guide

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: August 15, 2019

Check this quick Fargo (ND) online sports betting overview. We update you on the legislation, betting sites, mobile apps, North Dakota’s casinos and gambling locations in 2019/2020. 

Fargo Sports Gambling in North Dakota

Most casino and sports gambling in and around Fargo is in the form of tribal casinos and charitable gaming establishments. There is also some legal sports betting in Fargo in the shape of pari-mutuel gambling.

The main center for horse racing in Fargo is the North Dakota Horse Park. It is regulated by the North Dakota Racing Commission, who also oversees the Chippewa Downs track in Belcourt.

Three pari-mutuel bets are available at North Dakota Horse Park. Win is a bet on your horse coming first, but you can also bet on a Place (your horse finishing 1st or 2nd) or a Show (1st, 2nd or 3rd).

You can also place “exotic bets” like the Daily Double (the 1st place winner of two consecutive races), the Exacta (1st two in exact order) or Trifecta (1st three in exact order).

The Tote board displays changing odds and gives an indication of where the pooled money is coming from.

Fargo betting locations 2019/2020

There are no firm plans to launch sports betting online or legal gambling in Fargo. Maybe the situation changes in 2020. However, North Dakota has come close to legalizing sportsbooks at some of the ND tribal casinos.

Horse Race North Dakota also operates some off-track betting at locations across the state. You can place wagers at self-betting machines at off-track venues, as well as via live tellers. The Sidestreet Bar in Fargo accepts off-track bets.

The biggest piece of sports betting legislation in North Dakota in 2019 was HB 1254. The bill would have opened the way for legal sportsbooks at ND's tribal casinos. Bets on professional sports and college sports would have been permitted under the new law. Charitable gaming operators in Fargo and elsewhere would have been able to apply for gaming licenses.

However, HB 1254 was defeated in a close vote in the spring and there are no plans to resurrect the legislation.