College Football Prop Bets – What’s Allowed and What Isn’t?

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College Football Prop Bets – What’s Allowed and What Isn’t?

Author: Devin Erickson-Sheehy | Last Updated: September 6, 2023

College Football betting is enormously popular throughout large portions of the United States, surpassing the NFL in some instances.

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All of the best betting apps offer odds for nearly every game. However, while pregame spreads, moneylines, and totals are widely available, College Football prop bets are another story.

What are College Football Prop Bets?

A proposition (prop) bet is a side wager made on a sporting event that is not necessarily correlated to the overall outcome of the game. There are two types of College Football prop bets, game props, and player props.

Suppose the Alabama Crimson Tide were playing the Georgia Bulldogs. Some prominent college football prop bets might include:

  • Georgia to score first (game prop)
  • Alabama to win the first half (game prop)
  • Cole Adams to score a touchdown (player prop)
  • Carson Beck over 299.5 passing yards (player prop)

Why Can't I bet on College Football Props?

Most betting sites offer an array of game props everywhere, but player props may be unavailable depending on the state you live in.

Despite all the attention the sport receives, college football players are still amateur athletes who often lack the same financial resources as pro athletes. Because of this, many states are concerned about potential tampering that could emerge in the player prop markets.

While it is difficult for a single player to change the outcome of a game, they could undoubtedly impact their stat line. To avoid any possibility of this, some states won't allow sportsbooks to offer player props on any college sporting events.

Where Can I Bet on College Football Player Props?

Here's an in-depth look at College Football prop bets and their level of availability by state where online sports betting is legal.

StatePlayer Props Allowed?
ConnecticutYes, but not for in-state teams
IllinoisYes, but not for in-state teams
IndianaYes, but only pre-game (no live props)
New JerseyYes, but not for in-state teams
New YorkNo
West VirginiaNo

Kentucky will soon be added to the list. College football props will be allowed in the Bluegrass State at the end of September. If you live in KY, you can bet on player props using Kentucky sports betting promos.

When it comes to College football prop bets, always remember that there are rules and restrictions regarding certain bets.

  • Betting on game outcomes is allowed nearly everywhere (with some restrictions for in-state teams)
  • Certain game props that are not player specific are usually allowed (i.e first half lines)
  • Wagering on college player props is prohibited or limited in several states

It's important to note that the rules and regulations regarding college football prop bets can vary by state. Some states allow prop bets on college games and player props, while others may have restrictions or prohibit certain types of bets. 

It is advisable to check the specific regulations in your state before placing any prop bets on college football.

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