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Can a soccer game end in a tie when betting?

There are a few ways that soccer can end in a tie when betting.

When you bet the money line on any soccer game, there can be three outcomes, also known as 1 x 2. The home team (1) can win, the away team (2) can win, or the match can end in a draw (x).

In regular season contests, such as the English Premier League, all matches are determined in the standard 90 minutes of play, plus any time added on for injuries and substitutions.

A draw, or tie, would be when the two teams have the same score when the final whistle is blown., and you would bet the x for that outcome.

In betting terms, a tie could mean that your money is returned with no loss or win. That can happen in Asian handicap betting. If a team is -1 on the Asian handicap line, and it wins 2-1, that would be a tie bet, and your stake would be returned.

A prime example of that came in the English Premier League in March, when Liverpool was a -2 favorite on the Asian handicap at -130. The match ended 4-2, so all bets at that price were returned.