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California online sports betting 2020

Author: americangambler | Last Updated: June 30, 2019

California has one of the largest state populations in the U.S. But the Golden State is not going to have online sports betting for its residents anytime soon. Following the Supreme Court decision on May 14, 2018 that struck down the federal ban on sports betting (PASPA), states can legalize sports betting with legislative approval.

But California, despite a first-year projected tax revenue of $100 million from sports betting, is likely at least five years away from legalized sports betting in the state.

So while California residents and visitors would love make legal sports bets on their beloved Warriors and Lakers in basketball and pro football and baseball teams like the 49ers, Chargers, Rams, Dodgers, Angles, Padres, Giants and A’s, they will have to wait. Same with betting on college football and basketball games, or hockey, soccer, tennis, UFC and other sports of interest

Online sports betting laws in California

The California tribes have a huge presence in California with 69 gambling facilities. They have significant political influence in the state and don’t want to see their revenues reduced by legal sports betting.

California gambling laws are difficult to change. There have been many attempts over the years to have online gambling legalized in California, but all have failed. That includes ACA 18, a sports betting bill originally submitted in 2017 with a constitutional amendment currently active in the legislature. The bill has been referred to the Governmental Organization (G.O.) Committee and the Committee on Appropriations (APPR).

A new initiative would need to be proposed by June 25, 2020 to get on the 2020 ballot for a vote.

Residents of California have been targets of out-of-state and offshore online gambling operators, and it’s not considered illegal for residents to gamble online through these platforms. Licensed offshore sportsbooks are located outside the jurisdiction of the US federal laws, and there is no legal punishment betting illegally offshore or at sites not based in the U.S. However, those under the age of 21 playing in the U.S. could have their account funds confiscated or winnings not paid by the online sportsbook.