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Betting on Winning Margin – What does it mean?

Author: American Gambler Staff | Last Updated: September 16, 2023

In American Football, especially in the bigger games such as the playoffs and Super Bowl, the best betting apps will allow you to bet on the margin of victory a team will enjoy.

Be careful, however, it is tough to bet to make.

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Some betting sites will allow you to wager on the exact amount the team will win by.

For example in a game between the Green Bay Packers and the New York Giants you could wager on the Green Bay Packers to win the game by exactly 7 points.

If the Packers win by 7, you win the bet and would probably get odds anywhere from 5-1 to 10-1, depending on the site. Any other final score, however, and you lose your bet.

Most NFL betting apps will offer you a range of scores, with lower odds. In the same example from above, the Green Bay Packers and the New York Giants, you could wager on

Either team winning by:

  • 1-6 points
  • 7-12 points,
  • 13-18 points,
  • 19-24 points
  • 25 points, or more.

While this is a great way to get favorable odds, the likelihood of hitting a margin bet is increasingly difficult. For this reason, you might want to consider tying this bet to bonus bets earned from sportsbook promos to mitigate your risk.

Keep these statistics in mind when making one of these winning margin bets:

  • From 2015-17 (and it goes back even further than that), just over 15 percent of all NFL games were decided by three points.
  • Just over 9 percent of all games were decided by seven points, and just over 8 percent of all games were decided by six points.
  • No other exact point total was more than 5 percent.

American Gambler Staff