2022 World Cup Knockout Stage Betting Odds

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2022 World Cup Knockout Stage Betting Odds

Author: American Gambler Staff | Last Updated: December 2, 2022

As the Round of 8 comes to a scintillating conclusion, all eyes now turn to the semifinals of the 2022 World Cup.

The field of 32 has been whittled down to 4. The semifinals feature a mix of expected big names (France and Argentina), surprises (Croatia), and one outright shocker (Morocco).

Here’s a closer look at betting odds and promos to keep in mind the rest of the way. 

World Cup Odds

Here are the latest odds to hoist the trophy heading into the semis:

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  • France +110
  • Argentina +165
  • Croatia +700
  • Morocco +900
2022 world cup knockout stage betting odds

World Cup Knockout Schedule 


Tuesday, December 13

  • Argentina vs Croatia 2 P.M EST

Wednesday, December 14

  • France vs Morocco 2 P.M  EST

Third Place Game

Saturday, December 17

  • TBD vs TBD 10 A.M. EST

World Cup Final 

Sunday, December 18

  • TBD vs TBD 10 A.M EST

How Does the Knockout Stage Work? 

Unlike the group stage, the knockout rounds of the World Cup are single elimination. 

Games can no longer end in a draw. If there is a tie after 90- minutes, the teams will play an additional 30 minutes of extra time. If they are still deadlocked at that point, the game is decided via a penalty shootout. 

US fans will instantly draw parallels to the March Madness-style bracket. That means you can expect even more excitement, drama, and heartbreak. 

2022 world cup knockout stage betting odds

Betting on the Knockout Round:

Even though games can’t end in a tie, it’s still something you need to consider if you are looking to wager on the action. 

When looking at a soccer betting line, the most popular odds are the three-way moneyline. For instance, France vs Morocco odds look like this:

  • France -190
  • Tie + 290
  • Morocco +600

The reason you can still wager on a draw is that three-way moneylines are graded after 90 minutes and do not take extra time or penalty shootouts into account. While you will get better odds wagering on these lines, you run the risk of losing your bet even if your team winds up advancing. 

To account for this, you can wager on the two-way moneyline and select “tie no bet” or “double chance.” While these wagers are still graded after 90 minutes, you cannot lose your bet on a draw.

Alternatively,  you can just bet on “odds to advance,” which (if necessary) extends beyond regulation and takes the entire duration of the match into account. You won't get as good odds, but you guarantee a win if your team comes out on top.

Ex. Odds to advance

  • France -460
  • Morocco +330

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