California sports betting is not online at the moment (mobile sportsbook apps are yet to come). However, California is one of those states exploring legalized mobile sports betting in 2021. It is set for push!

California Sports Betting Apps

 Legal Sports Betting Apps in California right now:

  • TVG California bet app (iPhone)
  • Twinspires CA (iPhone, Android)
  • BetAmerica CA mobile sportsbook app (iPhone, Android)

Expected California sports betting apps in 2021 and further: Santa Anita Park goes mobile, Del Mar Racing app, Golden Gate Fields, Fox Bet CA app, Pointsbet app, Unibet sportsbook, William Hill CA, Unibet, bet365 CA and more.

Sports Betting via California mobile apps: Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes, Local horse or greyhound races.

California betting apps

California is widely considered a progressive state. However, they are not nearly as progressive as states like Delaware, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, where online gambling is legalized. 

California has put forth some effort to regulate the industry over the years, with an online poker bill and the talks of regulating the online sports betting market. A handful of bills have found their way into the State Assembly, but none of them have successfully landed. 

There have been some opponents to online and offline gambling that have prevented most attempts to regulate online gambling. These opponents are mainly tribal nations that do not want their casinos to compete with online gambling. However, recent talks have some optimism since the state already showcases strong numbers with daily fantasy sports and horse/greyhound racing markets.

When looking at California as a whole, they play a huge role in the potential of an online betting market in the United States. They are an attractive destination due to their massive population and a $2 trillion economy, ranking eighth in the entire world. It is no secret that sportsbooks and other gambling platforms want a piece of this and makes it a target for the day they decide to legalize sports betting. 

Top 5 Betting Sites in California Now

Since sports betting is not legal in the state, bettors will have to wager on other things. The following are the most popular horse/greyhound betting websites, in addition to a few daily fantasy sports betting opportunities. 


XpressBet allows you to immerse yourself with a great interactive experience with access to updated live information and with streaming capabilities of racing worldwide. New users to horse racing will enjoy them for their guidance and user tips. You also have the option to receive updates on your mobile device. 


TwinSpires is also great for first-time users with their simple play and easy to follow betting methods. With the addition of their mobile app, you can enjoy an on the go experience. They, too, have live updates to complement your experience. 


BetAmerica is an excellent option for horse or greyhound racing online in California. They usually have a nice introductory bonus offer, but this varies. BetAmerica has a vast amount of options for deposits and withdrawals. They also offer an iPhone app with demo capabilities to preview before you play.


If sports betting becomes legal, DraftKings is a top choice since they already operate in the state. DraftKings is a fan favorite because they offer daily and weekly contests to their customers. They also have great offers to attract customers for the long haul. 

FanDuel  California

When you think about daily fantasy sports, this is the other name that comes to mind that is not DraftKings. They have also been operating in the state for a long time, and would be a great move to offer their sportsbooks should the state become legal. 

Top 3 Casinos With Sportsbook Inside in California 

Although sports betting is not currently legal in California, there are 62 casinos in 27 counties. This means residents or visitors have a lot of options spanning across the state. 

Since there are so many options for casinos, this could lead to a handful of prime locations for sportsbooks to enter the market and be at some of the best casinos. The following have been the three most popular casinos to land a sportsbook should the state legalize sports betting:

Pechanga Casino

Pechanga offers many options, so guests do not need to go to Las Vegas to enjoy a wide range of refreshing activities. They offer exclusive treatment at a friendly cost. This is arguably one of the best and largest casinos in the southern part of California that has many lucrative features ready to provide guests with an eventful time. 

This casino is an excellent option surrounded by numerous games most people find enjoyable, such as slots, video poker, three card poker, bingo, and mini-baccarat. You must be 21 to enter, as that is the state law. They include a buffet and plenty of alcohol in the respective areas in which customers of different nature can enjoy.

Lucky 7 Casino

Lucky 7 is one of the newer USA casinos located in the northern part of California. This well-designed casino has a restaurant with prized food and offers free soda and a Cappuccino in the player areas. British and international customers can also enjoy a non-smoking environment with liquor, which is also present in the restaurant, that is easily accessible to the gaming area once you are ready to go. 

They are often regarded as one of the friendliest facilities in California. They also have various casino games fans will love like slot machines, video poker/keno, blackjack, and bingo with numerous free bonus bets. 

Morongo Casino

Morongo has been undergoing an expansion project looking to increase in size, as they are adding nearly 150,000 square feet of gaming space in combination with 800 new slot games. Since the construction, they have been offering a great gambling experience, which has led to excellent customer experience with an increased demand for the gambling and restaurant environment. 

Morongo Casino, of course, offers a nice restaurant and bar which has a variety of delicious food. One restaurant in particular, Potrero Canyon Buffet, is readily open for lunch and dinner with a beautiful Pacific Coast Streak and Seafood Restaurant. As guests want to take a break from all of the casino fun, they can enjoy a well-furnished environment that has the Morongo Golf Club at Tukwet Canyon for the fans of the sport to enjoy.

Future Plans 2021

Many experts in the sports betting industry believe that legalization will occur in California sooner rather than later. There are a handful of key factors that could significantly influence the speedy transition, such as:

  • California already has a pro-gambling culture. There are already legal card rooms, casinos, and daily fantasy sports, so this is the only thing missing. 
  • California is in debt, as a lot of states have been with the recent pandemic looming. The tax revenues that would be generated from online gambling would help tremendously for the state. 
  • The sky's the limit of how much money could be made since the crackdown of illegal sports betting could become taxed instead of under the table. 

For now, a legal sports betting market in California does not appear to be happening any time soon, especially by 2020. Tribes in the Golden State are typically opposed to the movement as they do not want to see gambling on sporting events legalized. This is due to the belief that commercial businesses will be allowed to open sportsbooks and take control of the market, as this most likely would happen in some cases. 

The Tribes have stated that they want to have the exclusive rights to a potential sports betting industry in California. This bold claim means that they do not want to allow anyone else to operate sports betting venues.

With the threat of legal recourse, ACA16 Bill Sponsor Senator Bill Dodd took his legislation off the table for 2021, so no further talk went down after that. In future sessions, this will definitely be an uphill fight to have sports betting lead to legalization in California only until one side concedes. 

The state could give in and pass legislation that would give the Tribes the monopoly on a legal sports betting industry, but this would greatly upset many commercial operators. The other option would be to try again for another proposal and face possible legal battles by the Tribes in the Golden State. As such, California is going to be an interesting process for sports betting. 

Mobile Sports betting in California

California leads the country in total casinos, but they are not one of the leaders in mobile sports betting apps. While many states are working hard towards legalization or launch of sports betting, that hasn’t been the case in California.

There are more than 60 casinos throughout the state of California, with almost all of them being ran by Native-American tribes located in the state.

There has been some talk of legalizing sports betting apps of late, but none of the introduced bills made it very far in either the House or the Senate. The place to bet on sporting events in the state of California is at the four full-time horse racing tracks in the state.

These racetracks don’t offer any horse racing betting apps themselves, but there are three mobile betting apps that are currently legal at this point. Racetracks will likely try to come out with a betting app in the near future, but they are facing some tough competition in California.

Read about online gambling in California

California Sports Betting Legislation Timeline Since 2018

California sports betting and gambling laws are, in most part, pretty clear. The state’s current ban on sports betting is defined in 337a of the California Penal Code (Part 1, Title 9, Chapter 10. Gaming). This states that “pool selling or bookmaking, with or without writing, at any time or place” within California borders is strictly prohibited. 

Violators are even subject to up to a year in prison and pay a fine of up to $5000 for their first offense. The state’s law on horse betting is covered under Chapter 10.5 of the same section, which authorizes pari-mutuel wagering at horse racing venues in the state. 

Further looking into it, Chapter 5 of the California Business and Professions Code 19800—19985 (known as the Gambling Control Act) describes the different forms of legal and illegal gaming activities in the state. Unfortunately for bettors, there are not currently any active pending bills in the California congress. The most recent attempt to legalize sports betting was the ACA-18, which ultimately failed in the committee at the end of 2018. 

Some have wondered if and when this could be addressed again. There are a handful of factors that could greatly influence the talks of legalization again. As 2021 approaches, the talks could start again, but for now, there is no word. 

Online Sportsbooks in California

  • Santa Anita Park
  • Del Mar Racing
  • Golden Gate Fields
  • More sportsbooks to be expected…in 2021

More so than many states, legalizing sports betting is proving to be an uphill battle for California. The size of the state, the population, and many heavily invested organizations are all working against the greater good.

That said, this does not mean California is a no-go. The market share demands action and although the state legislature has kicked the can down the road for the foreseeable future, there’s just no way the issue will disappear or be denied.

When looking at California sports betting opportunities, they have more professional and college teams of a larger scale than any other state with legal sports betting​. Sports is a major aspect of California, as there are many fans for their major markets. 

As such, you can pretty much find every popular team in each category, whether professional or college athletics. These teams have had past success and continue to have success today. The following teams are the most popular teams when it comes to California and sports betting.


  • California Golden Bears (University of California, Berkeley)
  • San Diego State Aztecs (San Diego State University)
  • Stanford Cardinal (Stanford University)
  • UCLA Bruins (University of California, Los Angeles)
  • USC Trojans (University of Southern California)


  • Los Angeles Rams (NFL)
  • Los Angeles Chargers (NFL)
  • San Francisco 49ers (NFL)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB)
  • San Francisco Giants (MLB)
  • San Diego Padres (MLB)
  • Los Angeles Angels (MLB)
  • Oakland Athletics (MLB)
  • Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)
  • Golden State Warriors (NBA)
  • Sacramento Kings (NBA)
  • Anaheim Ducks (NHL)
  • Los Angeles Kings NHL)
  • San Jose Sharks (NHL)
  • Los Angeles Sparks (WNBA)
Check Sports Betting Apps in Neighboring States to California:

Arizona, Nevada, Oregon

BetAmerica California

Can I bet with BetAmerica app in CA?

You are able to create an account at BetAmerica app if you reside in California. However, you will only be able to engage in betting on supported horse races at the site. Since California has not yet legalized online sports wagering, you will not be able to engage in any traditional sports betting at BetAmerica. You will also be able to use a BetAmerica account to bet on fantasy sports.

What horse racing betting options are available?

You will find that BetAmerica sportsbook and horse racing app places a strong focus on horse racing and they cover races from more than 300 tracks across the US as well as tracks in Canada, the UK, Australia, and Ireland. There are live races offered every day and you will also benefit from handicapping contests. With many races being run and all types of bets supported, BetAmerica is a perfect choice for CA horse racing bettors looking for a secure and trustworthy US-based betting site.

What daily fantasy sports are covered?

At BetAmerica California, you will find some great options to enjoy daily fantasy sports betting. Here, there are Daily Pick’Em Sports Contests and there are always great offers on hand. The current availability of daily fantasy sports at the site include American Football, Basketball, and Baseball. It is expected that more will be added and the site also provides live scoring so you always game the latest stats available.

California Online Gambling

California Sports Betting FAQs

What is the sports betting tax online bookies should pay in the state?

No legislation is available to offer a betting tax. These numbers can range from 6 to 20%.

Where can I bet on sports in California?

You cannot bet on sports within the state unless you use an offshore bookie. In this case, you have to be very careful when you use those, as they are not regulated by the state or the US. 

Is online sports betting legal in the state?

It is currently illegal to bet on sports in California. However, daily fantasy sports and greyhound/horse racing bets are legal.