South Carolina Online Gambling & Betting

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The state of South Carolina is extremely restrictive against gambling in 2023, despite the steps made elsewhere in the United States to ease regulations regarding betting on sports and the use of online casinos. However, you are allowed to compete in daily fantasy leagues and buy tickets for the state lottery. One day will we see Caesars, bet365, Unibet, Betfred and other betting/sports/casino sites in South Carolina.'

South Carolina Online Gambling & Betting

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South Carolina Online Gambling & Betting

South Carolina’s lawmakers hold stringent views, and it may take time for the state to consider easing their legislation against all forms of gambling. Unfortunately, there are also no signs of these laws and restrictions changing any time soon, although bettors can hope South Carolina follows the lead of surrounding states, whose restrictions have recently relaxed. In the meantime, however, Daily Fantasy Sports markets and the state-run lottery system remain extremely popular.

Online Casino in South Carolina

Online casinos are illegal in South Carolina. The state prohibits all forms of gambling and even has a ban on land-based casinos – there are no brick-and-mortar sites within the borders. Therefore South Carolina residents wishing to gamble must travel out of the state or into international waters.

There are no plans currently on the docket for the state to ease their regulations. Unless something drastic occurs in the near future, it will be a long period of time before online casinos are available within the borders of the state.

Sports Betting in South Carolina

Online sports betting in South Carolina is prohibited. Despite the ease of regulations elsewhere in the United States, gambling is not permitted in any location within the state. Even horse racing betting is off the agenda due to the strict regulations applied by the South Carolina lawmakers.

Recent efforts have been made in the past to attempt to discuss legalizing sports betting, but those were halted. However, talks could be re-ignited as other states in the vicinity have allowed mobile sports betting in their respective regions.

Online Poker in South Carolina

Online poker is illegal in South Carolina. Due to the ban on brick-and-mortar casinos within the state, there is also no access to land-based poker games for residents. The laws of South Carolina are so stringent that all playing of card or dice games for monetary gain are also illegal.

It’s fair to say the state has a long way to go before even the idea of online poker will be considered a legal activity.

Daily Fantasy in South Carolina

South Carolina has no laws against daily fantasy games. Providers such as DraftKings and FanDuel are able to offer registrations for state residents.

As there is no legislation against DFS, the lawmakers have declared that no action will be taken against anyone partaking in the activity. Therefore, you are able to compete in the fantasy leagues for all the markets offered by the providers, including the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL.

Esports in South Carolina

The laws in South Carolina forbid gambling on esports. Due to the ban on sports betting across the state, esports gambling falls under the same umbrella and is, therefore, illegal.

Lottery in South Carolina

South Carolina does have its own state lottery known as the South Carolina Education Lottery. Tickets can only be purchased in person, and you must be 18 years old or over to participate. Charitable bingo games can also be played for monetary values under $20.

Horse Racing Betting in South Carolina

In South Carolina, horse racing betting is illegal. That goes for any organized sport in the state. You cannot bet off-track in licensed casinos in the Palmetto State and online sportsbooks do not accept bettors from here. 

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