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Hawaii Horse Racing Betting

Author: AmericanGambler1234 | Last Updated: June 30, 2019 | Fact Checked By: Alejandro del Rio

Hawaii is only one of two states – along with Utah — that has no legalized gambling of any kind. That means no lotteries, bingo, sports betting or online horse racing betting sites.

There are at least two cruise ship lines operating out of Honolulu that offers casino gambling on their vessels, but even they have to clear the state’s territorial waters before the dice can roll and the cards can be dealt. 

It’s possible that some of these ships might offer the ability to place a bet on a horse race, but I wouldn’t count on it. Check with the provider before you embark.

Because state law governs most gambling activities, that means residents of Hawaii will not be accepted by licensed wagering providers in other U.S. states. Offshore websites are the only possible outlet for islanders with a yen to bet. 

Visitors, however, should be able to play through previously established accounts with licensed providers in their home jurisdictions during their time on the islands.