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You can only bet on sports in 2021, play slots and table games including poker, at a land-based casino. Daily Fantasy Sports betting  sites and online casinos are illegal, while the state hasn't ruled on esports, but the official lottery can be played online in North Carolina.

North Carolina Online Gambling & Betting

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North Carolina Online Gambling & Betting Update

Currently, online sports betting is not legal in North Carolina. Retail sports betting is legal.

The North Carolina House of Representatives authored and approved a bill – HB 347 – that would legalize sports betting in the state and license 12 operators.

The bill was recently passed by both the House and the Senate. Gov. Roy Cooper signed the bill into law on June 14, 2023. Per language in the bill, the earliest that the state would launch is January 8, 2024. Expect to see plenty of North Carolina betting apps in the near future.

Sports Betting in North Carolina

North Carolina has had legal sports betting for the past couple of years, but it was limited to only land-based tribal casinos. The state has tried to introduce legal sports betting, including online sports betting, several times, but failed each time. It didn’t give up, though, and finally found enough support in June 2023. 

The act of Governor Roy Cooper approving Bill 347 at the beginning of June sparked a wave of North Carolina sports betting attention. It helped the state overcome an obstacle that had kept bettors to only a couple of options that weren’t accessible to most of them. As a result, it’s possible that North Carolina online sports betting could arrive by January 2024.

Stay tuned for the latest regarding North Carolina sports betting promos in the run up to launch.

Online Casino in North Carolina

As gambling at an online casino is illegal in North Carolina, you have to visit a land-based one instead. There are a few casinos in the state, mainly built on tribal land where regulations are different. The Catawba Two Kings Casino and Resort is under construction in North Carolina, which will increase options for players in the future. Across the current choice of casinos in the state, it is estimated that there are over 6,000 different slots and more than 220 spots to play table games. Bovada, one of the biggest casino brands in the USA, has a casino in Charlotte, North Carolina's largest city.

Online Poker in North Carolina

With online poker wagering in North Carolina, the state hasn't legalized this either. Without official regulation, you can't do this over the internet as it's against state law. However, poker players can play the game in person at one of the tribal casinos in North Carolina. The land on which these bricks and mortar casinos are located has different regulations governing them. As noted above, there are just a small number of these in the state, but poker is among the card and table games you can play at The Ole Fishing Hole in Asheboro, North Carolina. 

Daily Fantasy in North Carolina

As Daily Fantasy sports betting in North Carolina is legal by the state right now. The likes of DraftKings, FanDuel, Fantasy Draft, and Yahoo fantasy games are all active in North Carolina. Playing these games for fun with no money involved is one thing, and taking part in the pari-mutuel betting offered through them is another.

Esports in North Carolina

In North Carolina, online gambling on esports is illegal. The state simply hasn't ruled on regulating this particular area of betting just yet. Legalizing esports wagering in North Carolina may be on the agenda one day, though. The cautious approach taken mirrors the stance of other states in the USA.

Lottery in North Carolina

State-sponsored lottery betting in North Carolina is both legal and available online. The only authorized internet lottery wagering is through, where you can play the NC Education Lottery. There is also a mobile app you can download which allows you to play and purchase lottery tickets digitally.

Horse Racing Betting in North Carolina

In North Carolina, it is legal to bet on horse racing but only in off-track tribal casinos which hold a gambling license. Leading online sportsbooks in America don't accept players from the Tar Heel State, so you need to visit a tribal casino. North Carolina doesn't have any major racetracks in it.

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