Hawaii Online Gambling & Betting

Hawaii online gambling isn’t legal in any form, nor is gambling legal in its physical state. No betting sites are legal in 2021.

Hawaii Online Gambling & Betting

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Hawaii Online Gambling & Betting

It’s a state known for being relaxed, welcoming to tourists, and embracing classic forms of entertainment, and yet Hawaii is staunchly against any and all forms of gambling. In many other states, it’s a case of legislatures taking their time to enact laws that permit gambling. In the Aloha State, however, it’s a case of there being explicit anti-gambling laws to scuffle any hopes of seeing some Hawaii online gambling.

Not that it’ll come in to play often, but you have to be at least 18-years-old to enjoy any form of gambling in Hawaii.

Online Casino in Hawaii

You cannot play at online casinos in Hawaii. All forms of casino gambling are illegal in Hawaii – a rule which extends to the Hawaii online gambling scene. You won’t find any online casinos that are licensed and regulated in the state, nor will you find any land-based casinos, despite it being a well-established American tourist destination.

In many coastal states, where land or online casino gaming isn’t allowed, ships and cruises are still permitted to run a casino gaming venture. However, Hawaii gambling rules include casino cruises, so you can’t even gamble off of the coast.

Sports Betting in Hawaii

You cannot bet on sports in Hawaii. Hawaii was never going to be a major market for sports betting operators to attempt to break into. Nevertheless, sports betting in Hawaii has been made illegal, alongside all other forms of gambling.

As one of the very few states that don’t permit gambling at all, experts don’t expect Hawaii to follow several other states in introducing a legalized and regulated sports betting scene.

Online Poker in Hawaii

You cannot play online poker in Hawaii. Despite some fairly recent against-all-odds attempts to legalize Hawaii’s online poker space, all of the bills to do so have been killed off swiftly. As such, you cannot play online poker in Hawaii as a part of the comprehensive ban on gambling.

You can, however, play poker socially while on the archipelago state. Of course, Hawaii enforces stringent rules for social poker play, such as that organizers or the house can’t make a profit. This rule all-but stops bars from running poker nights as they may profit from a sales uptick.

Daily Fantasy Sports in Hawaii

You cannot bet on daily fantasy sports in Hawaii. This new-age form of sports wagering was added to the pile of banned Hawaii betting options in a separate ruling. As was the case with sports betting, given Hawaii’s general lack of popular sports teams, DFS operators don’t see Hawaii as a significant market anyway.

Esports in Hawaii

You cannot bet on esports in Hawaii. Perhaps surprisingly, the only state outside of North America has been quick to embrace gaming and the competitive industry of esports: Hawai’i Pacific University offers gaming scholarships and has the eSports Arena. However, as with sports betting, esports betting in Hawaii is illegal.

Lottery in Hawaii

You cannot play the lottery in Hawaii. Even the humble, often exempt from gambling law, game of lottery is banned in Hawaii. The state doesn’t run its own lotteries or lottery games, such as scratch cards, nor does it allow you to participate in multi-state lotteries like Mega Millions.

Horse Racing Betting in Hawaii

There is no legalized gambling of any kind in Hawaii, and that includes horse racing betting. The Aloha State doesn't have any events relating to this sport in it anyway. Volcanic islands like those that Hawaii is made up of aren't the ideal surface for racing horses on.

Gambling Sites in Hawaii 

Currently none.

Minimum legal gambling age in Hawaii: N/A for casino, bingo, lottery, sports betting.

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