What do we love about F2P games? Anyone can play. Unlike online sportsbooks, it’s legal for anyone inside the US at least 21 years of age to compete!

March College Basketball Challenge – $1000 in Prizes Each Round

Our March College Basketball Challenge is completely free to play! We will be asking six questions each round about NCAA Men's Basketball.

The questions may be as simple as picking the winner of a game. But could also be as complex as choosing totals or spreads. These will get creative and test your betting knowledge.

The purse is $1,000. If only one person gets all of the questions right, the entire $1,000 is theirs. If there are several winners, they will split the $1,000 prize.

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Here is how you can play our March College Basketball Challenge:

  1. Sign up with your email
  2. Answer each question
  3. Check back after the end of the day to see how you did
  4. We will send an email when the next series of questions go live

Types of Free-to-Play Games

There are various types of F2P games, and the list is only growing. Most sports fans in the US are now familiar with many of the DFS platforms that use these contests as tools to get customers to sign up.

One popular style is a pick’em game. There’s simply a list of games or props and pick the correct outcome. There is commonly a leaderboard that shows how everyone in the contest is doing.

Another form is a survivor-style contest. In this case, only one question will be asked at a time. But you have to get it right to move onto the next round.

F2P games can get creative, especially for events like March Madness. Many DFS platforms have a free-to-play bracket challenge. You will get points based on the number of questions you get correct, and the winner will get a prize.