2022 World Cup Best Bonus and Promo Codes

Looking for 2022 World Cup betting odds and promos? We've got you covered with all the biggest and best betting offers for the event. Check out the list below for all the best World Cup offers!

How to Create an Account

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Top 5 World Cup Bet Offers

World Cup Odds

Here's a look at the odds to lift the trophy heading into the World Cup Finals on Sunday.

  • France -115
  • Argentina -105

Per BetMGM

Tournament Format

The World Cup consists of two distinct phases, the group stage, and the knockout round. 

In the group stage, the field of 32 is placed into eight equal groups of four. Each team will play the other teams in the group one time (round-robin). Teams are awarded 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. After every team has played each other, the top two advance to the knockouts.

The knockout stage includes 16 teams in a single elimination bracket format. If you win, you advance, if you lose, you go home. Unlike the group stage, there are no draws in the knockout rounds. If the game is tied after 90 minutes, it goes to extra time, and then penalty kicks if necessary. 

World Cup Schedule

  • Group stage: Nov. 20-Dec. 2
  • Round of 16: Dec. 3-6
  • Round of 8: Dec. 9-10
  • Semifinals: Dec. 13-14
  • Third-place match: Dec. 17
  • Final: Dec. 18

World Cup Betting News

Golden Boot Odds

The Golden Boot is among the most prestigious individual awards at the World Cup. It is awarded to the player who scores the most goals throughout the tournament. 

Here’s a look at the latest odds heading into the quarterfinals:

  • Kylian Mbappe (FRA) -200
  • Lionel Messi (ARG) +275
  • Olivier Giroud (FRA) +600
  • Julian Alvarez (ARG) +6600

Types of Bets you can Make on the World Cup

The World Cup isn’t only the most popular sporting event in the world, it also has the highest betting volume as fans from around the globe eagerly fill out their betting slips. 

There is no shortage of World Cup betting options. Some favorites include:

World Cup Moneylines

In most sports, a moneyline wager is clear-cut. You pick which team you think is going to win at plus or minus odds. In soccer, it's a little different, given the prevalence of tying. An important distinction to make when betting on soccer is that if the match ends in a draw after 90 minutes, your moneyline wager is graded as a loss. Alternatively, you can bet on the match to end in a draw.  

A standard soccer three-way moneyline looks something like this:

  • England -200
  • Draw +225
  • USA +280

You might also find a two-way moneyline in the form of “draw no bet” or “double chance“.

Draw no bet means if the game finishes in a tie, your initial stake will be returned to you (a push), while in a double chance, your bet is graded as a win if the team you back wins outright or salvages a tie. While you have an increased chance of success in both instances, you will often see significantly less favorable odds on a two-way moneyline.

World Cup Spreads

Anyone who has bet on US sports leagues like the NFL or NBA will be familiar with the concept of point spreads. These are set lines that account for the discrepancy in talent between the two teams. With this type of wager, you aren't necessarily betting on who will win the game but rather on how many points will separate the two squads. In Soccer, it might look something like this,

  • Brazil (-1.5)
  • Switzerland (+1.5)

If you back Brazil -(1.5), they would need to win by two or more goals for your bet to win. If you back Switzerland (+1.5), your bet wins if they win, draw or lose by just one goal.

World Cup Futures

Futures are bets on long-term World Cup outcomes. Rather than betting on individual games, you are betting on how a team/player will perform over a set period of time. Other examples of futures include:

  • Tournament winner
  • Odds to win the group
  • Odds of advancing to the knockout round
  • Golden Boot winner

World Cup Prop Betting

Another popular style of betting on the World Cup is placing wagers on the prop markets. These are events you think will happen during a match that aren't necessarily tied to the outcome of the game. There are two different types of prop bets; game props and player props.

Game props:

  • First team to score
  • First-half moneyline
  • Number of corner kicks (over/under)

Player props:

  • Neymar to score the first goal
  • Lionel Messi to have an assist
  • Harry Kane to score on a header