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Author: Devin Erickson-Sheehy | Last Updated: May 15, 2019 | Fact Checked By: Alejandro del Rio

Created and Last updated: May 17, 2019. TO BE AMENDED SOON!

American Gambler is powered by the community’s thirst for betting knowledge and requires quality, reliable answers—no matter how big or small—to drive the platform. The editorial team ensures all answers comprise only fact-checked and verified information to ensure American Gambler remains credible. Therefore, it’s important to follow the community guidelines and understand how to get your content published.

General Principles

American Gambler was built to provide a safe environment where discussion and debate is encouraged—as long as users behave decently and share their opinions in a proper manner, much like the United States. This means adhering to the platform’s general principles, which prohibits the use of profanity, harassment hate speech

Harassment and Behaviour

Aggressive behaviour or unwanted intimidation will not be tolerated on the website. Abuse of this kind can result in an account suspension. If you don’t have anything nice or helpful to contribute, it’s okay to just read.

Hate Speech

Attacks or abusive remarks against an individual or group based on their religion, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnicity, race, gender, political group or similar prejudice will not be tolerated. Behaviour of this sort will result in an account suspension. You wouldn’t say it to their face, so don’t post it on the internet.

Discussions concerning these topics should still be phrased in a fair, friendly and impartial manner.

User Identity

Your profile should use your real name or legal business name. Do not impersonate another person or create multiple accounts. American Gambler wishes to promote credibility above all else and encourages everyone to use their real names and bios.

Avatars are allowed but cannot contain explicit language, racially or politically charged images, or any nudity whatsoever. American Gambler reserves the right to judge these on a case-by-case basis, resulting in either a warning or account suspension.

Intellectual Property

Don’t steal. Infringing on intellectual property of other parties is forbidden by law, and any content containing this kind of information will be removed. Always provide a link to sources when possible, and direct quotes should be attributed to the creator.


The platform is not an opportunity to promote one’s own interests or spread irrelevant information. Advertising, phishing and spreading malware is strictly against American Gambler rules, and spamming of any kind will be punished.

Talking about your product or start-up company can be okay as long as it’s helpful and relevant to the conversation, but repetitive pushing of links or content of this kind isn’t allowed.

American Gambler reserves the right to distinguish between spam, advertisement and helpful, relevant content.

Be helpful and Respectful

American Gambler’s primary goal is to help others. To do this, it’s your responsibility to ensure you answer questions and engage with others respectfully. Content must be reliable, relevant and preferably submitted in fluent English e.g. posts written with poor grammar or text speak may not be approved (don’t worry, American Gambler’s team of editors can decipher most things).


  • Articles can be interviews, match previews, reports or opinion pieces on betting trends or legislation—you decide.
  • Provide helpful information
  • Do not use derogatory language
  • Provide links where applicable and do not plagiarise

All articles are subject to review and must be approved by the American Gambler editorial team before publication on the website.

  • Not everyone is a professional writer, but American Gambler holds a standard on what content is considered publishable. Articles containing excessive spelling errors, poor grammar, unusual characters or too many capitalised words etc. will be sent back to the author for revisions.
  • Articles differ from answers in that they will be submitted by users who are particularly passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with the community. Talk about betting strategy or vocalise your thoughts and opinions on gambling industry. Articles are also an opportunity to gain subscribers and perhaps become recognised as an American Gambler expert yourself.
  • Articles must be made up of reliable and accurate information. If something is stated as fact but isn’t common knowledge, it’s important to provide proper sourcing (i.e. a URL link) for it to be considered credible.
  • Plagiarism is not tolerated and all articles should be original. Sections that refer to or are taken from other sources should be presented in block quotes.
  • Articles must contain at least 350 words.
  • Take your time. Articles can be saved as drafts on your profile page and updated at a later time.
  • Be creative when thinking of topics. Articles can be interviews, match previews, reports or opinion pieces on betting trends or legislation—you decide.


The comments section is a forum space for users to discuss anything related to the topic in question, or make predictions for upcoming sports events or gambling markets. These must adhere to the same policy guidelines as questions and answers (see above) in regards to the type of language and content that is permitted.


Reviews must be based on genuine experiences of any respective and should not be submitted with motive to unfairly discredit or inflate the reputation of a gambling operator.

Reporting Problems

The report function is there for users to flag content they feel breaches American Gambler’s policies and guidelines. Users found to be in violation of these rules could see their account suspended or cancelled.

Note: A flag does not necessarily mean action will be taken, and American Gambler’s editorial team reserves the right to judge each case as it sees fit.

Devin Erickson-Sheehy

Devin is a diehard New York sports fan and betting expert. He supplies a wealth of knowledge about everything online gambling, providing readers with up-to-date tracking on the latest trends, industry news, and betting offers.