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Best Texas Betting Apps 2023

Author: Devin Erickson-Sheehy | Last Updated: September 13, 2023

Legal Texas Sports Betting and Mobile Betting Apps (Android, iPhone): None. You can play with DFS apps though. 

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Expected Texas mobile betting apps in 2022: FanDuel, DraftKings, BetAmerica, TVG

Betting markets/leagues/events via TX online betting app: None currently offered. Expected soccer, football, baseball, boxing, NASCAR, Tennis and more.

Texas, TX Sports Betting Apps

In the state of Texas, gambling laws are some of the strictest you will find in the country. Even though it appears to be the case, there are still some alternatives for online sports betting and gambling in the Lone Star State.

First off, there are not any legal, real money online casinos in Texas. This means you cannot gamble on or have access to any online casino that is going to offer cash prizes. This includes the likes of online slots and online poker rooms.

Several states are considering legislation or have made the right moves to permit these types of games, but Texas is not among them, and it is difficult to say if they even will for the foreseeable future. 

Texas is currently one of the most averse states to gambling in all shapes and forms. Even cases for some jurisdictions have been more controversial than your typical brick and mortar casinos.

Having access to online casinos would require a law change, and that seems highly unlikely anytime soon. It does not help that the legislature only meets in odd-numbered years, and on top of that, lawmakers have not shown hardly any interest in taking up a bill.

For players that want to experience something close to a casino, they have some options. Even though betting or gambling for real money is not legal in Texas, there are social casinos that they can enjoy. Players do not have to deposit any money to play or be a part of it, and the rewards are usually in the form of a sweepstakes or prize. 

Players that want to integrate the mobile aspect of this are in luck. These can be accessed with any mobile device, and some of the most popular social casino sites, such as WinStar, LuckyLand, and Chumba, feature your favorite casino games like blackjack and even slots. More social casinos appear to be flocking to Texas, so make sure you do your research on what works for you.

So if you were wanting to gamble in Texas, not all hope is lost. You will find that there are some brick and mortar options. These would be two Native American tribes that still operate casinos on sovereign tribal lands, and they have been in and out of legal battles over the years with challenges from the Texas Government. 

Another option is the “cruises to nowhere” along the Gulf Coast. This allows players or residents to take a ride on a casino boat out into international waters, where there are no gambling laws.

Unless something changes for the foreseeable future, these very limited options remain the only real money opportunities in the Lone Star State. Expect to see more social gaming and sports betting to be through offshore books. 

Top Potential Betting Sites in Texas

In many states with sportsbooks already, it is typically required to partner with a land-based casino to offer in-person or even mobile sports betting as the state begins to legalize sports wagering. Now, the type of bets offered, the overall consistency of point spreads, and the appeal of bonuses and sports will vary from one sportsbook to the next. 

This is why bettors need to shop around and find a sportsbook that fits their strategy or betting style. Below you will see some examples of sportsbooks, that if a miracle happens in Texas, could land in the state. 


One of the leaders in the online sports betting industry and daily fantasy sports could bring their talents to the Lone Star State. They used to offer their services online for daily fantasy sports, but the well has dried up there. 


It is the other main competitor to DraftKings with very similar offerings in the sports betting market. They were once in the state but then pulled out due to the strict laws that existed. 

Most Popular Sports to Bet on in Texas 

Texas is home to many excellent sports teams. They have one of the largest market shares for popularity among select leagues, such as professional teams, and are heavily wagered on in other states. 

If sports betting was available in Texas, you could argue that these teams would be highly wagered on. The following is a list of teams in the state, with some college and professional:

  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • San Antonio Spurs
  • Houston Rockets
  • Texas Rangers
  • Houston Astros
  • Texas A&M sports
  • Texas Longhorn sports
  • Dallas Stars
  • FC Dallas
  • Houston Texans

Texas Top 3 Casinos With Sportsbook Inside 

As mentioned above, there are two Indian casinos and one casino boat in Texas. Both of the Indian casinos offer guests class II gaming machines that are based on bingo. 

Class II video gaming devices in these Texas casinos appear a lot like slot machines. However, these are actually bingo games, and the spinning reels are for looks and entertainment purposes only.

If sports betting becomes legal, these are the only two casinos available to house a sportsbook. Even then, it would be difficult to guess if they would accept a sportsbook since they operate differently. 

Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel

The Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino first opened its doors in 1996. The 249 room hotel was added in 2013. 

There are no traditional table games such as blackjack, craps, roulette, or let it ride. The casino does offer a massive 3,300 slot machines and counting. They also have a poker room open from noon to 5 am, Monday through Friday, and 10 am to 5 am Saturday to Sunday. 

There are also four restaurants on the property. These include an IHOP, two full bars, and the Que Pasa Lounge. The lounge features karaoke, line dancing, and even live music.

Naskila Gaming

The Naskila Gaming casino includes a somewhat shorter lineup compared to the other casino of more than 800 slot machines and electronic games. They are owned and operated by the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas. 

Naskila Gaming first opened its doors in May 2016, so they are still somewhat new. They offer a Players Club membership with special promotions, which is attractive for players that appear often. The 30,000-square-foot property also includes three restaurants and even a private VIP Lounge.

Casino Cruise Ship

The Jacks or Better Casino boat is based in Galveston. The boat will sail nine miles out into the Gulf of Mexico, where casino gambling is permitted, and guests can enjoy their freedom. 

The casino boat offers traditional games such as blackjack, craps, roulette, three card poker, a sportsbook, slots, and video poker. Of course, you have to provide a photo ID, or you will not be allowed to board.

Texas Future Sports Betting Plans [year]

Traditions are very strong in Texas, so when it comes to changing laws or making moves, it is going to be difficult. This is especially true when it concerns gambling laws. 

The Lone Star State has outlawed gambling entirely at certain points during their history. While an increasing number of other jurisdictions have welcomed new gambling options, Texas remains fairly resistant.

Texas does have a state lottery and pari-mutuel horse racing tracks with greyhound racing. This is a potential sign of some sliver of hope for other betting options. 

The two Native American casinos can only operate due to federal law giving recognized tribes autonomy to allow their gaming options on their respective, sovereign lands. The Gulf Coast cruise boats like the Jacks or Better boat are multiple hour drives for many people in the state who want to gamble.

Charitable gambling and even social gambling are legal. But this is just a scratch on the surface when looking at the growing number of states with full-time brick and mortar or even online gaming options. People do not want to play a few “eight liners” that can only pay out less than $5 before it becomes annoying. 

Even if legislators come together and agree on a bill, it would take some time for them to sort out the logistics of everything, including who would regulate it, taxes, and other vital features. But at least it would be a start, rather than hope for the best. 

For now, it appears that legal sports betting in Texas, and any other betting at all, is still at a minimum when looking out several years from becoming a reality.

Mobile betting in Texas

The state of Texas is one of the best sporting states in the country, but they also have some of the strictest laws when it comes to sports betting. Betting on sports is currently illegal in the state of Texas, and that likely won’t change anytime soon. There was some discussion in 2019 about legalizing it throughout the state, but nothing came out. Horse and greyhound betting is legal in the state of Texas, but all bets must be placed at the race track. The Texas government has actually sent letters to online horse racing companies informing them that they will press charges if they continue to take bets from Texas residents. Currently there are no sports betting apps of any kind available to residents in the Lone Star State, but it is likely to change at some point in the near future.

Texas Sports Betting Timeline Since 2018

Many states have taken action with legalization for online gambling and sports wagering following the Supreme Court’s 2018 decision to allow individual states to offer legal sports betting. However, Texas has shown no little to no indication that it even intends to follow suit any time soon.

In early 2019 there was some hope. Texas Senator Eddie Lucio III had proposed a bill to start the process to fully regulate sports betting across the state. 

The bill, HB 1275, looked to remove the gray area that surrounded the industry and make the laws clear with legislation, permits, taxes, and even the outlines for criminal penalties for violators. It would also outline who would authorize and regulate sports betting operations, including mobile and online betting, in the state. 

The bill had required a referendum that would amend the state’s constitution. If it is passed, it would then need to be approved by voters in the November election. House Resolution 61 is also one that needs to be viewed on the House floor, as this would authorize betting on professional and collegiate sports. 

For this scenario to play out, it has to be placed on the ballot for voters in November, with two-thirds of both the Texas House and Senate having to approve Lucio’s bill. While many out there consider it a long shot, if more states, including neighboring ones, continue to pass legislation, Texas will eventually have some pressure to pass betting legislation. At least that is what some people assume could happen. 

More about Texas gambling.

Is online sports betting legal in Texas?

No, online sports betting is not currently offered in Texas. 

Where can I bet on sports in the state?

Online offshore bookies are the only way to place bets on sports.

Can I bet at William Hill in the state?

William Hill is not currently in the state.

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