WynnBET boosted parlays allow lucky bettors to get extra cash for wins

Do you ever want to feel a part of an exclusive group?

Of course you do.

You are a gambler, and you always want to know what other bettors might not, to give you that slight edge when you place your wager. Or maybe you want to get some exclusive play that only a few get.

Well, if you are with WynnBET, then you can get some elusive offer, if you are quick enough to get it (while supplies last, as they say).

Parlay Odds Boost

WynnBET has a cool offer on its site, which gives a certain amount of people an added bet boost. Maybe it is a parlay on a few NBA games, or maybe some NFL contests. But whatever it is, you have to be faster than the other people who want to jump on the play.

For example, on a recent Monday night, WynnBET gave 35 people a chance to jump on a 3- percent boosted NBA parlay: Dallas Mavericks/Toronto Raptors over 221, Golden State Warriors/ LA Lakers over 225, and Houston Rockets/Chicago Bulls over 226.

That parlay was supposed to pay +596, but for the first 35 lucky bettors who took the promotion, WynnBET boosted it all the way up to +775. A $100 bet would have won you an extra $178.73 in your account.

Would you want to turn away a chance at nearly $200?

I did not think so.

Head over to WynnBET now and set up your account, and get a risk-free $500 bet on top of that. 

WynnBET boosted parlays allow lucky bettors to get extra cash for wins
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