Which underdogs are worth betting on in the NBA?

In general, all NBA underdogs are nearly worth betting on.

You read that right. You have a better chance at success when betting on NBA basketball by betting on strictly underdogs.

Now don’t go run out and try to buy a bank to store all your future riches.

The percentage of underdog winners is likely only going to cover the cost of doing business with the bookmaker. That’s right, you’ll probably break even.

The secret to point-spread success is mixing in just the right amount of favorites on those occasions when the underdog fails to cover.

One way to possibly increase your chances on being on a favorite at the right time, other than making a successful handicap, is to limit your play on favorites that are receiving only a minority of public tickets and money (37.5 pct. or lower) while the line has failed to move in favor of the obvious public-backed underdog.

The market reading can indicated that the bookmakers has received enough action from respected players that they are hesitant to move their line and inviting more money from a possible sharp side.

However, the bettor should still avoid or reduce a wager on a line that has moved and is no longer the best line possible, or within a half- to full-point more than the previous-best or even opening line.


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