Which 5 NBA teams have the best chance to win the 2020-21 title?

nba 2021 title odds

If it feels like the NBA season just ended, that’s because it did.

But here we are, with the start of the 2020-21 season in two weeks (December 22).

Can any team knock off the Los Angeles Lakers this season? Will there be a new superteam in the East? 

All good questions.

Here are my top five picks, with current PointsBet betting odds to win the NBA 2020-2021 title, with one off the board team that isn’t getting a lot of respect with the books.

NBA teams to win 2020-2021 title

Los Angeles Lakers (+250): The defending champions will now have to go straight through a 72-game season with no long break to get old legs a rest. For all the LeBron James has done, he has repeated just once, in 2012 and 2013 with the Heat, which is now well in the rear view mirror. The Lakers will get everyone’s best, and might have to win the title from somewhere other than the top seed.

Milwaukee Bucks (+500): Is Giannis going to stay? Much of that may come down to whether or not the Bucks can finally get over the hump and get to a Final. Last season’s embarrassing 4-1 loss to the fifth-seeded Heat in the Eastern Conference Semifinals cannot be repeated this season: it is title or bust for Milwaukee, and the Bucks might be a good play.

Los Angeles Clippers (+575): The Clippers and Lakers were basically both +300 all season to win the 2020 NBA title, then the Clippers went out and lost in the Western Semifinals to take all of the luster off a potential WCF showdown. This team is still very good, though, and will be right there once again.

Brooklyn Nets (+600): Along with the Bucks, Brooklyn is one of two Eastern Conference teams with odds of 3-1 or less to get to the finals. They have Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, and some very good talent surrounding them.

Denver Nuggets (+2500): So you are telling me I can get one of the last four teams left in the bubble in October at +2500? The Nuggets beat the Clippers 4-3 in the Western Semifinals, before falling 4-1 to the Lakers. Denver has a really interesting roster of players coming into their primes, and this team is going to be a lot shorter than 25-1 in April.

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