Where can a bettor wager legally on the NBA championship?

Currently, betting on the NBA championship and NBA Finals are legal in just over a handful of states in the U.S.

Residents can currently bet legally on the NBA championship and NBA Finals at any gaming board or gaming commission approved sportsbook in those states.

Most of the sportsbooks in those states offer brick-and-mortar (in-person) wagering, betting via a mobile app, and kiosk betting.

Virtually all of those shops in those states offer both betting on the NBA championship (who will win the NBA championship?) and the NBA Finals (a best-of-seven series between the champions of the Western Conference and Eastern Conference).

Bettors can bet in-person at a betting window or kiosk or must be in the state that the sportsbook operates in order to wager via a mobile app.

Gamblers in the United States may choose an offshore sportsbook to place wagers on the NBA championship and NBA Finals.

The debate on the legality of U.S. citizens offshore is continually up for debate.

Most legal experts agree that the offshore sportsbook operators are in violation of federal law and that U.S. citizens are not wagering illegally.

However, there is very little recourse to protect U.S. residents who use offshore sportsbooks, should a betting company run afoul or insolvent.


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