When is the best time of an NBA game to place a live in-game wager?

The best way to gauge the best time to place an NBA live in-game wager is to watch the game and try to determine the game-flow, including the rotating in-and-out of the game by players on both teams, especially when teams have their bench players on the court.

In many live games, American legal sportsbooks will use an algorithm to set a live line for live in-game wagering, which doesn’t take into account, foul trouble, injuries, or matchup difficulties.

The live in-game spread will move in accordance with the current game score and possible outcome, given the current score, time remaining and opening line.

Bettors who are looking to place a live in-game wager will have dozens of fair opportunities to place a wager.

Often US NBA bettors will miss their target spread, leaving the player to think the book is rejecting their bet. However, usually, the bettor’s feed is likely slower than the live data feed used by most sportsbooks.

Even when you think you are getting what you may feel is a great line, it could be that the opponent has scored, possibly giving the team you are looking to bet on, an advantageous line.

Therefore, unless you are confidently monitoring the current game situation via a data feed or the fastest televised live feed, wagering during stoppages in play is usually the best time to make a live in-game wager.


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