When is it smart to buy a point when betting on the NBA?

While not discouraged, many betting experts say that buying points in the NBA adds no value to the probability of winning the wager given the extra price of the cost of buying a half- or full-point in the NBA.

One strategy heavy professionals may employ in high-profile or heavily bet games is spread out large wagers over the series of bets as insurance against a line move and provide for more hedging opportunities throughout the game.

But a single-game wager when buying points likely just doesn’t provide any advantage given the scoring structure in the sport of basketball.

Even the sharpest NBA betters experience the everyday routine of games falling on or near the number that have little to do with the handicap and more to do with luck.

The advantages of sharp NBA bettors come in determining emotional or statistical mismatches, betting on teams that are in a successful trend situation or well-rested, against a team with lineup instability, had travel problems or are having a player insurrection.

Another strategy that is usually more beneficial that buying points – at least when the line is relatively close to a pick’em, is to play all or a percentage of the full wager on the money line, either as a favorite or an underdog.


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