What to know before betting on boxing fights?

While there are many factors involved in betting on boxing fights the most important thing to establish each boxer’s skill level and support system. A boxer’s supporting cast is the trainer, promoter and personal life outside the ring. Below I have listed the top 8 variables in determining which boxer will win and why each factor is important.

Size: As the saying goes a good big man will beat a good little man. Boxing is a game of physics and even an average skilled fighter can defeat a good fighter if he has enough of a height, strength and reach advantage. The biggest discrepancy in size occurs in heavyweight bouts where there are no weight restrictions therefore creating gross size mismatches. An example of a boxer with massive size is 6’9″ 260 Lb. heavyweight contender Tyson Fury.

Punching Power: This factor holds the most significance because a boxing match can end with one punch. This factor should hold the most weight in evaluating a boxer’s skill level but should not be solely responsible for whom you think will win. An example of a boxer with devastating punching power is middleweight contender Gennaddy Golovkin.

Boxing Ability: A boxer that can do a little bit of everything: box, slug or counterpunch makes him adaptable to his opponent. When determining a boxers boxing ability, the following factors should be considered: Jab effectiveness, bodypunching, agility, counterpunching and intelligence. A boxer with exceptional boxing skill is Errol Spence Jr.

Hand Speed: In boxing speed kills and the faster boxer has a much better chance of landing more punches than a slower boxer. Fighters that can deliver a volley of punches in combination can intimidate and frustrate an opponent. An example of a boxer with lightning fast hands is featherweight contender Gary Russell Jr.

Stamina: The ability to go rounds is the difference between a novice boxer and a championship level pugilist. A tired fighter is a scared fighter which means that even a more skilled pug can be beaten by a better conditioned opponent. An example of boxer with outstanding conditioning is Vasiliy Lomachencko.

Defense: The object of boxing is to hit and not get hit. The boxer that is tough to hit frustrates his opponent and also cause them to tire from missed punches. An example of an exceptional defensive boxer is Floyd Mayweather.

Chin/Resiliency: This rating has five different factors: Chin (the ability to absorb a blow to the head), body punch resistance and the will to win. Some fighters can get hit in the head all day but one body shot can turn them into jello. An example of a teak tough boxer is welterweight contender Shawn Porter.

Support System: A boxer’s promoter, trainer and focus on boxing is considered their support system. A good promoter can have influences on judges scoring. A good trainer can make a good boxer into a great one. Focus on boxing is essential and a distracted boxer can perform at several levels below his usual skill. An example of a boxer with a great support system is middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez.


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