What not to do when betting on NHL?

Right off the bat, be wary of puck line wagering. There’s no point-spread wagering in hockey. Instead, you have the puck line. The puck line almost always gives or gets a team 1.5 goals, but if you follow hockey at all, you’ll be aware that a large percentage of games finish with a one-goal final margin on the scoreboard.

A lot of games go to overtime or the shootout, where one-goal outcomes are guaranteed. And if they shouldn’t get to extra time, you don’t want the success of your wager riding on a team’s ability to knock in an empty-net goal in the final minute of play.
You should also pass on betting on heavy favorites. Sure, they are probably going to win, but the amount of money you need to wager to make the bet pay any worthwhile amount isn’t worth the gamble.

Parlays are also a risky proposition that on paper look great but in reality, rarely pay a dividend that makes it worth the risk. With a parlay wager, you are required to pick multiple games right, from a minimum of two to a maximum that can sometimes be as many as 10 games. The greater the number of games you play on your parlay, the larger the potential return, but it’s just like trying to hit a trifecta or a superfecta at the racetrack. The odds are not at all in your favor.

In general, it’s never wise to bet on a bunch of games, even with straight bets. Playing a number of wagers on one day can be a recipe for disaster. Always remember that the odds are with the house. They don’t call it gambling because you are always going to win.

Likewise, don’t put all your betting eggs in one basket. The explosion in online sports betting in recent years shows no sign of slowing down, and that means there are plenty of betting options at your disposal. You check all the grocery ads when making your shopping list, seeking out the best prices, and you should do the same with your wagers. Once you see a game that you want to play, shop around to get the best line for your wager.

Knowing the ins and outs of betting is essential and so is finding quality and trustworthy sportsbook. So why not go with one of the established names in the game and place your wagers through the sportsbook at PlayMGM?


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