What MLB team should I bet on and who is the public betting on?

It’s not my call on who you bet on. Do you like favorites, dogs or maybe that middle of the road bet?

Generally, the public likes to bet on the chalk (favorites). The image of the teams are big as well. Everyone knows the Yankees and Dodgers, so they’ll get a lot of support. The favorites, along with the Phillies are getting most of the action.

Right now the Houston Astros and New York Yankees are favored to win the World Series, checking in at +600, while the champion, Boston Red Sox and National League winners, Los Angeles Dodgers are at +700. The Philadelphia Phillies have made a big jump, since acquiring Bryce Harper.

The Phillies opened at +1800 and now sit at +1200. The Oakland Athletics, who won 97 games last season might be worth a shot at +2500. If you have a few extra coins laying around and want a long shot, the Miami Marlins and Baltimore Orioles are both +200,000.

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