What is the best online horse racing betting site for U.S. players?

There’s no widely recognized “best” among the dozen or so licensed U.S. advance deposit wagering (ADW) providers that allow customers to place bets on horse races. But there are some important factors that can help you decide which one best fits your wants and needs.
The first thing to look at is sign-up bonuses. Virtually every ADW company offers a bonus to players opening an account for the first time. Don’t just look at the amount of the bonus; you’ll need to read the fine print under “terms and conditions” to see how much you need to bet to claim that bonus.
Check to see if the site has a rewards program – most do – and again read the details to find out what percentage of bets gets credited to your account.
Take a “test drive.” Most sites offer introductory tours of their features, but there’s nothing like putting a site through its paces to check responsiveness, customization options and any special features. AmWager.com, for example, recently introduced a “conditional wager” option that enables you to set minimum odds for a bet. If the odds dip too low, the system won’t place the wager.


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