What is the best NBA betting strategy?

To try and make the best possible NBA basketball wagers, less-experienced bettors should consider sticking to bets that are offered at the most favorable odds.

Straight bets, totals and money lines should be the type of bets that beginners should make when trying to develop a winning strategy.

Record-keeping and having multiple sportsbook accounts are also important techniques in trying to ensure the best possible strategy when betting on NBA basketball.

While trends don’t pay the rent, sometimes it can be more beneficial to track your own winning tendencies than those of the actual teams.

Finding areas of strength in your handicapping can drastically increase a bettor’s winning percentage, even in the short term.

Bettors should also try to get the best of a given betting line.

This includes reducing or eliminating bets when you have missed the best line possible unless the change was due to injury or personnel-related information.

NBA basketball bettors should also try to time the market in order to place bets that are going to be made at the most optimum time possible.

Serious bettors should try to monitor the markets as often as possible, but as a general rule, gamblers should look to take favorites and OVERS early, and waiting for underdogs and UNDERS late.

The thought being that public (square) gamblers are going to wait until the last minute to bet and likely take oft-public sides, betting the favorite and the OVER, resulting in late line movement that many pros end up taking the underdog and UNDER.

This theory is thought to be more relevant in high-profile and heavily bet games.


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